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Site Name: blacknews
This is a site used for black news topics
Site Name: pgcountypolitics
This is about the politics in Prince Georges County Maryland and , this site is focus on it
Site Name: entertainmentreport
This is site is about entertainment news and gossip
Site Name: everythingchrisbrown
This is a fan site for Chris Brown and his travels
Site Name: everythingJustinBieber
This is a fan site for Justin Bieber
Site Name: indiemusic
This is a social network to find and talk about indie music and support the cause.
Site Name: philadefanclub
This is the fan club for Phil Ade the hip hop, singer and music artist
Site Name: thingsatwhitehouse
This is a site for all things related to the White House in the United States of America
Site Name: 5linx
this network is looking for network marketers who are looking for a great opportunity
Site Name: jamrock
its connect people around the world
Site Name: friends
school friends and work
Site Name: razbfanclub
This is a site that honors and tracks Raz B the artist
Site Name: Gyanbootybooty
Dont worry your self anymore, looking for a mate, we will do it for you easily
Site Name: Roxyshair
hair care for women of color, product information, hair tutorials
Site Name: PorcelainBlackfanclub
this is a site to support Porcelain Black. she says she is like a Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson off spring
Site Name: teamnickiminaj
This is a team Nicki Minaj fan site for all
Site Name: russparrmorningshow
This is a place for people to come and comment, mingle and socialize about the russ parr morning show and current events
Site Name: RickySmileymorningshow
This is about the rickey smiley morning show
Site Name: mybook
mit mybook neue freunde kennenlernen und über dein alltag sprechen was ist bei dir gerade so los...
Site Name: temcastreet
Site Name: tagawest
group-site for people associated with wvsu
Site Name: DMVstuff
This is network is about news , events and information in the DC, MD, VA and WVA area. We hope it is helpful to you.
Site Name: nycstuff
This is to keep people informed about stuff in new york city area
Site Name: stuffinchitown
Chicago stuff and information
Site Name: stuffinla
Stuff in LA
Site Name: stuffinhouston
Houston stuff and information
Site Name: phillystuff
this is about information and news in the Philadelphia area
Site Name: sportsstuff
This is about sports around the world
Site Name: gospelstuff
This is about the Gospel world of life
Site Name: go
Site Name: tutvus24
Dating website come join all! we Waiting for you!
Site Name: LifeChangingIncidentscom
What happened to get you to place you are? What changed your life negative or positive? What are you doing about it? How can your story help someone else? We all go through things and we all handle them differently but maybe we can help each other or inspire each other when we get to that fork in the road. So if this really happened how did it affect you and what did you do?
Site Name: AfricaAsiaScholarsGlobalNetwork
Brief on AASGON: The Africa Asia Scholars Global Network is a non-profit organisation, a civil society association of African and Asian scholars and an associated institution of the Bandung Spirit Network. AASGON coordinates the talents of scholars, marshals a variety of resources and creates an enabling and supportive environment to strengthen economic and socio-cultural development of the African and Asian States. Valued by the international community, we plan to carry out a number of regional, national and international conferences and exhibitions in the next three years in UK, Europe, America, Asia and Africa, and part of our remit is to explore partnership working with cross sections of the statutory and corporate world. We take pride in creating awareness of the richness of the two continents, plan for their future and develop their present, while we seek to promote the exchange of information and enhance socio-economic and cultural co-operation among member nations and across borders. Why AASGON Millions of Africans and Asians live in abject poverty, yet the two continents are vastly populated, rich and highly endowed. The citizens do not deserve to live in perpetual poverty in this modern age. Regardless of the increasing Africa – India and Africa - China cooperation, the fact remains that the relationship between Africans and Asians is not closely knitted, either socially, culturally, politically or economically. Fascinated by the emerging network of social and solidarity movements under the Bandung Spirit, whose objective is to explore alternatives to the present course of globalisation that will bring an end to the domination of the weak by the powerful, and create a new course and sustainable world, AASGON’s projects, research and interventions intend to create the enabling environment for closer discourse and cooperation between Africa, China, India and the West. It seeks to address the big question of integration, by fostering cooperation and peaceful co-existence among Africa and Asia scholars, as well as the civil society across the world. Having an extensive target market, we focus primarily on our membership and institutional development as well as developing links with the organised private sector, to ensure we bring together all interested parties in the sustainable development of Africa and Asia, strengthen partnership, foster social, economic, political and cultural relationships worldwide. Aims and Objectives: AASGON creates opportunities for mutual benefit among countries of Asia and Africa, to discuss common concerns and to develop joint policies in international relations. AASGON provides a variety of services in economic and social networking, including the scheduling and coordination of a number of workshops and conferences/exhibitions. These include the launch of Africa Asia Scholars Trust Fund and Resource Development Centre; African Child Resource Development Centre: Afro-Asia Films Continental Awards; Save the African and Asian Child (SAAC) International Aid Concert; Annual Miss Africa Asia Charity Pageant; Pride of Africa and Asia Leadership (PAAL) Awards; Africa Asia Sports and TV Icon of the Year Award; the Africa Asia Social Responsibility International Awards (AASRIA); Diplomat Scholars Quarterly Round Table Dinner Lecture /Exhibition; the establishment of Afro Asia Digital TV and production of Special Celebration souvenirs and monthly eMagazine/Newsletters such as ‘FOCAC’ Souvenir; Afro Asia Diplomat; Governance; and Akada. In addition, we provide direct services to scholars which includes capacity building, specialist advice, policy review, training and exchange programmes, career/business opportunities and brokerage (offer of discounted services).
Site Name: Frndster
Site Name: avrilavigne
Dit is een Nederlandse fan site voor Avril Lavigne Join ons en blijf Up to Date Op het gebied van al het Avril Nieuws.
Site Name: top1music
Site Name: testingthissite
A site about Testing

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